Welcome to Parsam Institute of Statutory Rules  Welcome to Parsam Institute of Statutory Rules
1. Human Resource Development with focus on:

    (a) Upgradation of standards of performance in Govt and semi-Govt organisations;

    (b) Good governance.

2. Promotion of rule of law through dissemination of knowledge of statutory rules for the purposes of :

    (a) Proper regulation of conditions of service of employees.

    (b) Fruitful operation of the grievance redressal machinery on administrative and quasi-judicial forum and maintenance of high level of morale of the employees;

    (c) Minimisation of disputes in service matters and litigation.

1.Training in the functional areas of:

     (a) Statutory rules (service rules and financial rules)
     (b) Jurisprudence.

2.Publications (Functional areas same as for training).


     (a) Institutional consultancy for strengthening of the infrastructure in personnel and financial management.
     (b) Advice in day to day work.
     (c) Advice to individual employees as to how best they can secure redressal of their grievances in the matter of career progression, penalties, pay fixation, retirement benefits and other service matters.


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