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Consultancy Services - Categories
- Institutional Consultancy
- Consultancy advice to individual employees 
Advice to Individual employees
The Parsam Institute of Statutory Rules has established Consultancy Division in June 2006 to render advice to individual employees of Central Government, Autonomous Bodies and PSUs who feel aggrieved by orders relating to their career and entitlements. The advice is rendered after examination by a team of consultants. The specific services are listed below and the procedure for referring cases to the Consultancy Division is outlined hereunder.

(i) Examination of the validity of the claims for pay fixation, seniority, promotion, challenge to orders of penalty and other service matters.

(ii) Drafting of representations to higher authorities.

(iii) Making reference to Advocates for filing petitions in CAT, High Court and Supreme Court.
Contracts - Work Packages
Parsam Institute can also undertake the following staff functions of the organisation on contract / work package mode

a. Recruitment of staff in different cadres
b. Providing regular in house training
c. Procurement of stores
d. Preparation of forecasts & budgets
e. Preparation of monthly and annual accounts
f. Carryout internal audit functions
g. Carryout job analysis (analysis of job tasks / duties / responsibilities)
h. Preparation of project reports &
i. Any other supporting activity required for the organisation to move forward
Institutional Consultancy - Services Offered
I Consultancy
      a. Updating of rules and regulations of Central Autonomous Bodies (Recruitment           rules, Disciplinary rules etc).
      b. Preparation of Procedure manuals.
      c. Preparation of Seniority Lists.
      d. Internal Audit against personnel management in Central Autonomous Bodies
      e. Legal opinion in specific cases referred by the Management.

II Software projects - Services offered
      1. Computerised Record Management Systems.
      2. Development of Good Governance Index for individual organisations.

Procedure for referring cases to the Consultancy Division

1)  As far as possible, E-mail facility should be used.

2)  Complete postal address and telephone numbers should be recorded in the first communication.

3)  The following format is prescribed for making reference

Section No.



Personal Details



Name of the Office:

Department / Ministry

Official Address:

Tel. No.:

Residential Address:

Residential Tel No.:

Personal E-mail id:


Statement of dates and events relevant to the subject matter of reference.(Please see the format below this table & instructions for filling up the format)


List of documents for perusal


Brief on rules and regulations which are specific to the Department or Organisation


Explanatory memorandum bringing out facts and rules which the Government servant considers to be in his favour.


Points of reference to the Consultancy Division

Format for the Statement (B)

Sl. No.









Instructions for filling up the format

  •   Facts should be recorded in chronological order in statement (B). Wherever document/order is cited in column 3. it may be linked with statement C and the serial no. of the document indicated in the remarks column. If document is sent by post that fact may also be noted in the remarks column.
  •   Arguments and explanations are out of place in statement (B).
    The appropriate place for them is statement (E)
  •   All documents which are cited in the statements B and D shall be listed in statement C numbered in continuous series for each case of consultancy and prefixed with the alphabet P and copies forwarded by fax or as attachment to e-mail or Xerox copies may be sent by post. Original documents should not be forwarded.
  •   On receipt of the above documents, preliminary examination of the case will be done and the fees for rendering advice would be quoted. (The fees excludes drafting of representations and legal advice. At the request of the client these two services will be rendered on payment of extra fees) The fees vary from case to case. The Demand Draft should be in favour of Parsam Institute of Statutory Rules and be drawn on any scheduled bank at Bangalore.
  •   On full payment of fees, the case would be taken up for disposal. Every case is examined by a nominated consultant out of the team constituted by the Institute. The advice drafted by the nominated consultant would be presented to the remaining members of the team for concurrence. The advice to the client will be rendered only after consensus is reached. In the event of any difference of opinion among the members of the team, the dissenting note would also be forwarded to the client along with the majority opinion.
  •   The Institute reserves the right to prepare case studies for incorporating the facts of the case referred to it and publish it either in the form of a book or on its website. In the event of such publication, the name of the client and the name of the organizations concerned would be changed to secure anonymity. The client will have no right for the sale proceeds of the book in any form or for any period. The client is required to sign the following declaration and forward it to the Institute.
  • Format

      I hereby accept the terms and conditions for receiving the consultancy advice from the Parsam Institute of Statutory Rules as set out above.








    One month after the case is disposed of, the papers received from the client and other related papers at this end would be destroyed unless the client makes a specific request for preservation for an extended period. The relevant record in the computer would also be deleted.





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