Welcome to Parsam Institute of Statutory Rules  Welcome to Parsam Institute of Statutory Rules
Training - Functional areas
(a) Statutory rules (service rules and financial rules)
(b) Jurisprudence. 
In-House Training Programmes
Where demand from the Management is there for training good number of officials of their own Office in their premises, we accept and undertake In-House Training programmes as it would help the Management to train more employees at lesser cost. 
Turn Key Assignments
PARSAM institute can design the career programmes with a view to Increase the employee productivity, attract & retain talent, Improve employee motivation, Prevent job “burnout” & obsolescence & Improve the quality of the employees & the Organisations

Towards fulfilling of the above objectives, with the available resource faculty & expertise, the Institute can undertake the work of developing the manuals on rules & regulations formulated by the Government in the following areas;

1. Cadre and Recruitment Policy
2. Promotional Policy for the employees
3. Welfare Policies
4. Purchase procedures
5. Import / Export policies and guidelines
6. Costing Procedures for the work packages to be undertaken by the Organisations
7. Accounting and Internal audit procedures etc.
Training Programmes - Categories
(a) Training Programmes open to all organisations - Registration of participants as       and when circular is issued.
(b) Group Sponsorship Training Programmes.
      [Subject and Topics to be selected by the sponsoring organisation]
(c) Training programmes in which only Faculty Services are provided by the Institute.
      [Full programme / Selected sessions]
List of forthcoming Training Programmes
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 Click here for List of Training Programmes already conducted 

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